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My Evaluation of NCTS

Jun 29, 2013 by The Venerable Agbelusi
Where Are You From?: Lagos 

My course In The doctor of theology at Ntcs started on a very good note. The website and registration was simple and straight forwards.
I commenced my assigned courses and without any hitches was able to complete them without any complications and difficulty.
The courses were all very relevant and the textbooks were carefully chosen to do justice to the subject matter. The testing and grading were fair and reflected the time and effort put into each course. The facaulty responded promptly and satisfactorily to all enquiries and were able to meet all my needs and questions especially my course adviser Dr Phillip Jegede,who was most helpful and understanding when I needed his attention and guidance. Overall my expectations were met and surpassed. I have previously studied for bachelor of divinity with the university of London, the quality and eduction at NCTS was better organised and relevant to my ministerial and academic formation.

The Venerable Adeyemi Agbelusi

Appreciations to Dr. Philip& team

Jun 11, 2013 by Rev. F.K. Sinatra
Where Are You From?: Ghana, West Africa 

On two occasions I experienced power outages while taking my online timed Test. But when I informed Dr. Philip and the Administration Staff, they graciously opened the Test for me and waived the cost of $ 35.00 penalty charge.I thank them so much.
I therefore, recommend to those wishing to enroll on online programs to quickly get admissions to NCTS now. For they are good, loving Christian Believers.GOD BLESS THEM ALL!

Thank You

Apr 30, 2013 by Jeanine Weintz
Where Are You From?: United States 

Dear Dr. Jegede,

I respectfully wish to thank you for your attendance to the processing, reviewing and grading of my studies. I appreciate the time you have graciously extended to me.

I have included additional Question & Answer to the original assignment, as well as a word glossary. I have found that not only does this help me to learn more effectively, but it also has served as a means of assisting my 25-year old son increase in his faith and knowledge of the scriptures.

I share these assignments with James (my son) who lives long distance from home yet communicates with me on a regular basis as his mentor.

I understand the assignment to be only 25 Q & A’s and no required glossary; therefore if you elect not to grade the additional submission, I fully understand and wish to respect your time. I trust however that the extra effort has not only assisted my personal studies and the increased learning for my son, but that these additional assignments may also prove to be a help to future students considering advancing their Biblical knowledge through courses offered through the North Central Theological Seminary.

I most certainly will be saving up so as to enroll again in November 2013 for my Certificate of Counseling and/or my Certificate in Music Ministry. I very much look forward to the opportunity of continuing this educational journey.

May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve him and encourage current and future students to serve the Lord with gladness, living in Spirit and in Truth.

Serving With Joy,
Jeanine M Weintz
Minister of Jesus Christ

Master of Theology (Christian Counseling)

Apr 25, 2013 by Shirl
Where Are You From?: NJ 

I've just completed the Master's Degree of Christian counseling evaluation test and I was quite impressed with the questions. I can honestly say this is a Seminary school that will enable me the ability to produce fruitfulness of the Word of God in my thinking process and release all that God want me to share with my clients as a professional Christian Counselor (The Good News).



Apr 05, 2013 by Rev. Frank Komla Sinatra
Where Are You From?: Ghana, W-Africa. 

I am very grateful to Dr. P. Jegede and staff for allowing me to take my online test again, when I was faced with intermittent power cuts while taking my test. They are people with great human understanding.God bless.

Enriching Lessons

Aug 01, 2012 by Frederick M.Masengere
Where Are You From?: Uganda, Africa 

I write to appreciate for the powerful messages I do learn from the course.The lessons really help one to be equipped in ministry and to address the challenging world.Many thanks to Dr. Jegede, my advisor Dr. Isaac who are always there to respond in a paternal way to us as their students.I do enjoy the study. The study material english is good for us African since its our second langauge.I must tell out others that the seminary has wonderful lecturers. I see this by the way they mark and make remarks. Thank you to all of you dear lecturers. Many in Uganda would love to take on the programs but, they are handicapped in one way or the other.It has started raining in Uganda and so many of our people who are farmers,have started planting foods.Thank you . God bless you. Frederick M. Masengere.

I must confess

Jun 28, 2012 by Rev. CRO
Where Are You From?: Nig 

"I am grateful for your love and the grace given me to have the test re-taken whenever I am ready.I could not even submit because there was power outage which culminated to internet network failure.I took note of your advise and I am grateful for your genuine support.

I must confess that I am enjoying my studies.Thanks for the good work you and the University community are doing over there.I am impressed with your dedication to duty and warm communication existing between Faculty and students.Its just as if we are all together on campus physically and we bless God for it."

Why I choose to attend NCTS

Apr 04, 2012 by A Wood
Where Are You From?: Upstate NY 

I have known for a while that God wanted me to study his word, but I kept putting it off. I was apprehensive because I couldn\'t afford the tuition to attend a seminary. I already have an outstanding student loan debt close to $50K. I also have 4 children and could not travel outside our home to sit in classrooms. It just didn\'t seem feasible from my point of view to attend seminary. About a year ago, I felt an urgency to move forward with studying the word. I tried everything to obey God\'s command. I started studying on my own and attended as many bible study classes as humanly possible. Well, a lot of issues arose along the way. The first being it was not God\'s will for me to study his word on my terms. The second issue was that most of the bible study teachers needed to be taught themselves. Subsequently, I prayed a very specific prayer. I asked God to lead me to the program he would have me to attend. I also asked God to create the program for me if it didn\'t exist and assist with the financial obligations. About 6 months ago I registered for a program. It seemed fine, but I had no supervisory support and had problems when I asked for assistance. Their operating hours were limited and I was not getting anywhere in my studies. I couldn\'t even get a refund when I wanted to disenroll. I was still attending, but with a heavy heart. I paid the tuition in full and could not afford to lose my money. About 3 weeks ago, I was online and I came across NCTS website. I checked their accreditation to make sure this was a licensed seminary. I checked the experience of the staff at NCTS and I just thought it was all too good to be true. I prayed again for God\'s help and direction. I took it a step further and called the attorney general\'s office in Minnesota to confirm their active registered status. Lastly, I called NCTS about 3 times and spoke to Dr. Jegede at length. He didn\'t try to sell me anything or got impatient or offended at my questions. He listened to me and helped me with choosing an area of study I felt God has called me to in ministry.

Long story short, I applied and got a scholarship after passing the entrance exam. Today, I am happy to be a student at NCTS. God has worked it out for me. He will also work it out for you and everyone who wants to attend a seminary to get a quality education. At NCTS, you wont have to mortgage your education, travel for hours or spend hundreds on text books. You will have the support you need to get through a challenging and rewarding program. The choice is yours! God Bless you all at NCTS.

Students' Services

Apr 02, 2012 by Tom Jays
Where Are You From?: Canada 

I am indeed very impressed. Of all the seminaries I researched online before enrolling, North Central Theological Seminary is the best when it comes to responding to the needs of students. They reply to your email request within an hour, papers are graded fast, you get a call from your adviser, you can call and talk to a live counselors, and they have live help. I hope they stay this way.

Great Seminary

Apr 02, 2012 by Huntz
Where Are You From?: Minnesota 

They have outstanding Faculty and Staff

North Central Theological Seminary , USA 4.7 5.0 10 10 My course In The doctor of theology at Ntcs started on a very good note. The website and registration was simple and straight forwards.I commenced my assigned courses and without